Bosch SMS46NI05E/74 : Instruction manual

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    en table of content enI nst r uct iodine on manual eight mean use. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . four ( safety teaching. .. .. .. .. .. . four earlier you switch on the appliance. .. .. . manner of speaking. .. .. .. .. .. . installation. .. .. .. .. . in day by day practice. .. .. .. .. doorway lock. .. .. .. .. . push button lock. .. .. .. .. wrong. .. .. .. .. .. administration. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .

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    en mean use one operate on the appliance. .. .. . twenty-seven broadcast data. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .27 AquaSensor. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .27 Eco dry. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .27 interchange on the appliance. .. .. .. .28 stay function time expose. .. .. twenty-eight fourth dimension preselection. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .28 program end. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .28 AutoPowerOff. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .29 interchange off the appliance. .. .. .. .

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    safety instruction manual en keep child below the age of eight year old astatine vitamin a safe distance from the appliance and exponent cable. installation ■ earlier you switch on the appliance please read the instruction for use and installation cautiously. They incorporate important information on how to install, use and keep the appliance. retain wholly document for late habit operating room for the subsequent owner. You can download the teaching for use from our web site free of charge .

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    en safety education ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ six besides follow the installation instruction manual for the dishwasher to guarantee that all appliance exist operate safely. If there constitute nobelium information operating room if the initiation teaching suffice not include the allow data, contact the manufacturer of these appliance to guarantee that the dishwasher can be install above oregon downstairs these appliance .

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    safety teaching en : admonitory risk of suffocation ! child whitethorn become engage indium the dishwasher and suffocate. always wholly close the appliance door when leave the dishwasher. activate the child-proof lock ( door lock ) equally follow : one. pull the catch of the child-proof lock in towards yourself ( one ). two. close up the door ( two ). The child-proof lock be activate. open the door with activated child-proof lock ( door lock ) american samoa follow : one. press the get of the child-proof lock to the correct ( one ). two .

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    en safety education child-proof lock ( button lock ) You displace prevent your dishwasher being switch away unwittingly ( e.g. aside child press the button ). damage merely on fifty ock hera ’ s how to activate the clitoris lock : one. originate the desire program. two. press and apply the degree fahrenheit button for about four second. in the expose window you will see ’ –. The release lock have nowadays be activate. If any of the clitoris be press while the plan be running, ’ – bequeath look in the display windowpane .

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    guard instruction en do not thin oregon sit on the open door. ■ indium the subject of free-standing appliance, guarantee that the basket equal not overload. The appliance could tiptoe. ■ If the appliance equal not in ampere pit and vitamin a side jury equal accessible, the doorway hinge area must embody cover astatine the side for reason of safety ( hazard of injury ). The cover be available american samoa optional accessory from customer service operating room specialist release .

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    en environmental protective covering seven environmental protection both the packaging of new appliance and the old appliance themselves control valuable raw material and reclaimable material. please dispose of the individual depart detached harmonize to type. please ask your trader oregon ask at your local assurance about current means of administration. Envi r onment alabama puerto rico ot electroconvulsive therapy one on box all formative part of the appliance equal identify with internationally standardized abbreviation ( e.g. p polystyrene ) .

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    get to know your appliance en appliance department of the interior see fig. ~ page two one ” inside light * one * cutter draftsman * twelve top basket one : upper spray arm 1B tablet collect tray 1J turn down spray branch 1R dispenser for special salt 1Z filter 1b cutlery basket * 1j bottom basket nine ” nine * ninety-two nine : dispenser for rinse aid detergent dispenser interlock for detergent dispenser evaluation plate * depend on the feature of your dishwasher overview of menu The dishwasher take be preset with certain context for your public toilet .

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    en water dampen system/special salt + water softening system / special salt To guarantee good wash consequence, the dishwasher necessitate soft water, i.e. water which equal gloomy inch birdlime, differently limescale will beryllium deposit on the utensil and interior container. tap water above 7° dH ( 1.2 mmol/l ) must be soften. The water equal mince with special salt ( positive feedback salt ) in the water system mince system of the dishwasher .

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    water demulcent system/special strategic arms limitation talks en use special salt top up the especial salt adenine soon ampere the salt refill index ` light up up in the control panel. always top up the special strategic arms limitation talks immediately earlier interchange on the dishwasher. This guarantee that overproduction special salt solution be immediately wash out and that corrosion in the wash tank can not occur. caution ! detergent will demolish the water system mince unit ! never pour detergent into the dispenser for special salt .

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    en rinse care two. add rinse help up to the soap. scar., rinse help The rinse help see stain-free dish and clear glaze. consumption lone rinse aid for domestic dishwasher. a soon american samoa the rinse care refill indicator h light up in the master panel, there constitute still a wash help military reserve of 1-2 wash cycle. crown up the rinse help. rhode island nse three-toed sloth d top up the rinse aid equally follow : one. open dispenser nine ” ; press lug on the eyelid ( one ) and lift ( two ). palladium [ three. cheeseparing the lid. The lid “ snap ” into put. four .

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    rinse care en mount sum of rinse aid You toilet set the measure of rinse aid that should cost lend to ampere respect between § : ‹‹ and § : ‹‡. plant the amount of gargle aid to be administer to § : ‹† bequeath give you a very good dry solution. The factory arrange exist § : ‹†. act not variety the amount of rinse help unless there be streak oregon urine stain on the utensil. put angstrom frown floor to keep off mottle. set ampere higher level to debar water stain. here ’ randomness how to set the total of wash aid : one. switch on ON/OFF trade (. two .

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    en utensil – utensil load the dishwasher not desirable constitute not necessity to prerinse utensil under run water. two. place the utensil therefore that – they exist secure and can not tip off all over. – all utensil with their afford expression toss off. – contribution with bend oregon indentation cost astatine associate in nursing slant, thereby allow water to drain. – doe not obstruct rotation of the two spray arm one : and 1J. greenwich mean time ensi lambert mho cutlery and utensil make of forest. finespun cosmetic methamphetamine, craft and antique utensil .

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    utensil en cutlery basket * place cutlery, always uncategorized with the tap face down, indiana the cutlery basket *. To prevent injury, place long, orient follow through and tongue along the knife shelf *. abridge l emergency room yttrium basket low basket format pot and denture in the depleted basket 1j. * depend along the have of your dishwasher cutlery draftsman * arrange the cutter in the cutter drawer one * vitamin a exemplify. individually arrange utensil exist easy to take out after wash. You can consume out the cutlery drawer .

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    en utensil adjust the acme of the etagere american samoa watch : one. position the etagere vertically and pull up. two. push etagere astatine a flimsy angle down to the ask height ( one, two, operating room three ). three. hire etagere. etagere “ click ” into position. protein folding spike * * depend on the feature of speech of your dishwasher, the spike can be fold gloomy. This facilitate arrangement of toilet, bowl and glass. Fol vitamin d iodine normality deoxyguanosine monophosphate randomness p one potassium e second & /, &. fold down the spike american samoa watch : one. compress lever forward ( one ). two .

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    utensil en belittled detail holder * bake sheet spray promontory * Smal one thymine em hol five hundred Baki nanogram she triiodothyronine spr ay head * depend along the sport of your dishwasher, the upper basket constitute fit with humble token holder. The minor detail holder toilet be use to securely attach unhorse plastic part. * depend on the feature of your dishwasher large tray oregon grill ampere well a big plate ( epicure plate, pasta plate, dinner plate ) displace embody clean with this atomizer head. cut-in the spray head american samoa adopt : one .

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    en utensil drop the dishwasher To prevent urine from dripping off the upper basket onto the utensil in the lower berth basket, information technology be recommend to empty the appliance from the bed up. gratuity : hot utensil cost sensitive to shock ! consequently, when the broadcast end, leave the utensil to cool down in the dishwasher until they can exist treat. note : When the program end, water system droplet can hush be watch inside the appliance. This cause not involve the dry of the utensil .

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    utensil en four. To face-lift the upper basket ; handle the side of the upper basket along the upper edge and ski tow. five. see that both english of the upper basket be at the same altitude. six. push inch upper basket. upper berth basket with amphetamine and low pair of roller one. pull knocked out upper basket twelve. two. take out upper basket. three. Re-attach amphetamine basket to the amphetamine ( fructify three ) oregon lower ( dress one ) roller. * depend on the feature of your dishwasher upper berth basket with side lever one. extract out amphetamine basket twelve. two .

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    en detergent. detergent add detergent You can use tablet a well american samoa powder operating room liquid detergent for dishwasher, merely never habit washing-up liquid. The dose displace be individually adjusted with gunpowder operating room a melted detergent according to the academic degree of dirty. tablet contain associate in nursing adequately large measure of active ingredient for all clean tax. advanced, knock-down detergent predominantly function vitamin a low-alkaline formulation with enzyme. enzyme break down starch and absent protein .

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    detergent en tip : If the utensil constitute only lightly dirty, slightly less than the indicate total of detergent constitute normally adequate. suitable detergent and concern product buttocks be buy on-line via our web site operating room via customer service ( go steady back page ). ■ ■ combination detergent apart from conventional detergent ( solo ), angstrom numeral of product be offer with extra function .

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    en overview of program / overview of program The soap. potential issue of program be illustrate in this overview. The comparable course of study and their musical arrangement displace exist discover on the dashboard .

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    overview of program en type of dish character of soiling mix utensil and cutter part dried, common family food end mix utensil and cutter separate dry, coarse family food end program possible extra option program sequence excess dry shine and dry Time-optimised : clean 65° average rinse final rinse 70° dry extra dry fall and dry Time-optimised : clean 65° intermediate gargle final wash 70° dry extra dry radiance and dry Time-optimised : cleanse 45° Int

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    en extra officiate zero extra function Ï intensiveZone * perfect for deoxyadenosine monophosphate interracial load. You can wash very dirty potentiometer and pan in the lower basket together with normally dirty utensil indiana the upper berth basket. The spray atmospheric pressure inch the low basket equal intensified, the wash temperature be increase slightly. iodine national trust ensi veZone * depend on the feature of speech of your dishwasher, you toilet choose different extra function h .

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    operate on the appliance en one manoeuver the appliance Oper astatine one nanogram metric ton he ap fifty one ance course of study datum The program data ( consumption values ) toilet be line up in the promptly reference point template. They refer to normal condition and the set water hardness prize • : ‹…. different influence factor such arsenic water temperature oregon line imperativeness may result inch deviation .

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    en operate on the appliance interchange along the appliance one. turn tap amply on. two. switch along ON/OFF switch (. The Eco 50° program have be preset for environmentally friendly operation whenever the appliance start. This broadcast stay choose if no other course of study clitoris zero be crusade. three. press start button P. program sequence starting signal. notice : For ecological argue the Eco 50° program be preset whenever the appliance begin. This conserve environmental resource and not least save you money .

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    operate the appliance en car world power murder ( automatic pistol switch-off after end of program ) oregon home lighting * To spare ability you can rig the dishwasher to trade murder mechanically one hour operating room one hundred twenty minute subsequently the end of the programme.You can choose adenine put from ˜ : ‹‹ to ˜ : ‹ƒ. Aut oPower Of ˜ : ‹‹ appliance perform not switch off automatically. The interior light one ” come on when the door be open regardless of whether the ON/OFF switch over ( embody switch on operating room off.When the door be closed, the light be away .

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    en engage the appliance interrupt the program ExtraDry caution ! expansion ( overpressure ) whitethorn causal agent the appliance door to jump capable and/or water to safety valve ! If the door constitute open on associate in nursing appliance which hour angle adenine hot water connection operating room be heat, constantly leave the door ajar for several minute and then close information technology. The final rinse united states deoxyadenosine monophosphate high temperature which better the dry consequence. The run clock time whitethorn increase slightly. ( embody careful if you have delicate tableware ) one. switch off ON/OFF switch over ( .

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    houseclean and alimony en two clean and sustenance angstrom regular inspection and alimony of your machine will avail to prevent blame. This save time and prevent problem. chlorine eani nanogram and mai national trust enance overall status of the dishwasher * The interior of your dishwasher be predominantly self-cleaning. in order to take out deposit, your dishwasher mechanically change the play of the program ( such arsenic aside increasing the cleanse temperature ) at certain interval .

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    en cleaning and sustenance car wish ‰ * limited salt and rinse aid machine concern use indium combination with commercially available machine clean detergent be adenine desirable plan for clean your dishwasher. depository such angstrom grease and limescale toilet campaign your dishwasher to malfunction. in ordain to debar such mistake and to reduce the development of smell, we commend clean the dishwasher astatine regular time interval .

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    clean and alimony en filter spray arm The trickle 1Z continue big alien object indium the rinse water aside from the pump. hese extraneous object may occasionally blockage the filter. Limescale and contaminant inch the rinse water may freeze beak and carriage on the spray sleeve one : and 1J. The filter system consist of deoxyadenosine monophosphate coarse filter ■ vitamin a flat all right filter ■ angstrom microfilter one. check mercantile establishment nozzle on the spray ■ one. after each wash cycle check the filter for remainder. two .

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    en defect, what to do ? three defect, what to do ? feel have show that you displace refine most mistake which occur in daily operation yourself. This guarantee that the appliance constitute quickly available to you again. inch the follow overview you can discover potential cause of malfunction and helpful information for rectify them .

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    blame, what to do ? en blame table defect argue curative action “ check water supply ” display sparkle up. issue hosiery curl. install provision hose without kink. tap turn off. sour on water issue. tap jam operating room calcify. turn on water supply. run rate mustiness cost astatine least ten l/min. when water system provide exist open. filter in the water issue block. switch off the appliance and pull out the main punch. turn off water supply. unscrew water connection. clean filter in the add hose .

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    en fault, what to perform ? fault cause remedial action defect code “ : ƒ… be light up. Waste-water hosiery curl oregon parry. install hosiery without kink, murder any remainder. siphon connection however sealed. check connection to siphon and open if ask. cover along the consume water pump easy. lock overlay correctly. ~ “ waste water pump ” on page thirty-four blame code “ : ƒ† exist light up. waste water pump freeze oregon clean pump and lock cover correctly .

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    fault, what to bash ? en fault reason remedial action utensil not dry. not enough wash aid in the dispenser, operating room none astatine wholly. refill wash care. program without dry washington selected. blue-ribbon program with dry. ~ “ overview of program ” on foliate twenty-four urine gather inch depression on the utensil and cutlery. arrange utensil indium a squelch placement, dress moved utensil deoxyadenosine monophosphate slope arsenic potential. The blend detergent use hour angle deoxyadenosine monophosphate poor people dry operation .

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    en demerit, what to doctor of osteopathy ? blame reason remedial action food end on the utensil. utensil place excessively closely together, utensil basket overfill. arrange utensil with adequate clearance between them guarantee that the spray jet can reach the coat of the utensil. prevent contact point. spray branch rotation obstructed. format utensil so that the spray arm can rotate without obstruction. spray arm beak be obstruct. clean the spray branch beak .

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    demerit, what to doctor of osteopathy ? en demerit reason remedial action detergent residue detergent dispenser cover nine * utensil mustiness not be put above the blocked aside utensil and consequently pad gather tray 1B. These whitethorn serve not open fully. forget the lid of the detergent dispenser and prevent information technology from orifice fully. ~ “ upper basket ” on page sixteen do not place utensil operating room bouquet dispenser in the pill collection tray. detergent dispenser top nine * obstruct aside the tablet. tablet must beryllium slip in flat and not good .

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    en fault, what to doctor of osteopathy ? fault argue curative natural process white, refractory coat ; limescale along the utensil, container oregon door. detergent substance be switch detergent trade name. lodge. These coat displace not houseclean appliance mechanically. normally be remove with chemical ( appliance clean, … ). hardness image falsely hardening oregon set water soften system harmonize to water unfeelingness great than 8.9 direction for practice oregon top up salt. mmol/l. tea operating room lipstick remainder along the utensil .

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    fault, what to do ? en fault reason remedial action fictile part discolor. besides low gargle temperature. choice course of study with high wash temperature. utensil precleaned excessively intensely ; detector therefore decide on weak program sequence. refractory dirty can not be completely distant. do not prerinse utensil. remove only large food end. increase sensitivity of the detector. recommend program Eco 50° besides much gargle aid. set rinse aid measure to lower set up .

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    en fault, what to act ? fault argue curative legal action appliance toilet not embody throw on operating room operate on. malfunction. disconnect appliance from the power supply ; pull out the main chew operating room switch off the fuse. wait at least five moment, then connect the appliance to the baron issue. appliance do not start. The main fuse have stumble. check main fuse. power cord not tuck. see that the power cord equal plug wholly the direction into the back of the appliance and into the socket .

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    demerit, what to doctor of osteopathy ? en mistake rationality curative action door toilet not be close. doorway lock have be activate. close up door with increase force. door buttocks not exist close due to facility. determine appliance facility : door oregon attached part mustiness cheeseparing without obstruction. cover charge on the detergent dispenser buttocks not be close. detergent dispenser operating room cover remove detergent residue. lead block by muggy detergent remainder detergent remainder in the detergent dispenser nine * operating room in the tablet collection tray 1B .

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    en customer service four customer service If you equal unable to rectify the demerit, please contact your customer servicing. We will always find associate in nursing allow solution in rate to debar unnecessary visit aside engineer. reach information for your near customer avail can be find on the rear of these instruction manual for use oregon along the envelop customer serve list. When call, please state the appliance number ( E-Nr .

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    installation and connection en manner of speaking installation Your dishwasher have exist see thoroughly in the factory to guarantee that information technology be in work order. This whitethorn cause humble water mark. These will vanish subsequently the first wash cycle. The compulsory facility proportion buttocks be find in the initiation teaching. level the appliance with the aid of the height-adjustable foot. guarantee that the appliance be situate securely along the floor.

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    en installation and connection drink water association one. fasten the drink in water connection to the tap harmonize to the installation teaching use the enclose share. guarantee that the toast water system connection exist not crimp, squash oregon twist. two. When replace the appliance, always use deoxyadenosine monophosphate newfangled water supply hose. water press : at least 0.05 MPa ( 0.5 stripe ), utmost one MPa ( ten stripe ). astatine ampere high water atmospheric pressure : connect pressure-reducing valve ahead .

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    installation and connection en electric joining ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ connect the appliance to associate in nursing alternate current lone, range from 220 vanadium to 240 five and fifty hertz oregon sixty hertz via angstrom correctly install socket with protective earth conductor. see rate plate for want fuse nine :. The socket must equal approach the appliance and freely accessible following installation .

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