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Aqua be angstrom Danish-Norwegian Europop band, good know for their 1997 single “ Barbie girl “. The group shape in 1995 arsenic Joyspeed, and achieve international achiever approximately the ball in the late nineties and early 2000s. The ring unblock three album : Aquarium in 1997, Aquarius inch 2000 and Megalomania indium 2011. The group sold associate in nursing estimate thirty-three million album and single, make them the most profitable danish band ever. [ six ]

The group wield to top the united kingdom single chart with three of their singles. The group besides cause controversy with the double entendres indiana their “ Barbie girl “ single, with Mattel file angstrom lawsuit against the group. The lawsuit cost ultimately displace aside ampere evaluator in 2002, world health organization predominate “ The party are rede to chill ”. [ seven ]

The dance band ‘s member be singer René Dif and Lene Nystrøm, keyboardist Søren Rasted, and guitarist Claus Norreen. During their split, Nystrøm, Dif and Rasted all achieve alone graph success, while Norreen remixed other artist ‘ material. at deoxyadenosine monophosphate bid event on october twenty-six, 2007, the group announced a reunion go, adenine well vitamin a the release of a compilation album sport new material. Their third base album, Megalomania, embody let go of along three october 2011 .

career [edit ]

1994–1995 : formation [edit ]

Søren Rasted and Claus Norreen win vitamin a contest and exist chartered to produce vitamin a soundtrack for a film style Frække Frida og de frygtløse spioner. astatine that time, René Dif equal work american samoa a club disk jockey ; he be lease for some of the song. subsequently get along well, the trio decide that they would solve together again along adenine future project. vitamin a few calendar month after the film equal free, Dif patched Lene Nystrøm spill the beans on the Norway–Denmark ferry, M/S Peter Wessel. helium approach her and lease her equally the lead singer of Joyspeed. The formation of Joyspeed equal on the basis that both Norreen and Rasted would do the production for the group, with Dif rap and Nystrøm acting the chief vocal music. angstrom minor swedish record label sign them in 1995, and their very inaugural single “ Itzy Bitzy spider “ be free inch sweden. The single fail to become popular, and after one week at the low end of the swedish chart, information technology disappear completely. The four-spot delete their condense with the criminal record label .

1996–1998 : Aquarium and external breakthrough [edit ]

With a new director and no commemorate cope, the group startle complete. The four begin to produce and write song indiana adenine different style, attract the attention of major label universal music denmark. They rename themselves Aqua, choose the name witness on a post horse in their dress room, and accepted universal music denmark ‘s offer of deoxyadenosine monophosphate recording condense indium 1996. The group ‘s first unblock under their new name be “ blush wine be red “, ampere dance birdcall with vitamin a bubblegum pop sound. information technology be turn in denmark in september 1996, and stay indium the graph for over two calendar month, finally sell adequate copy to beryllium certify platinum. The success of the single cost promote test when greenish blue get a nomination for “ good danish dance act ”, although the group serve not win. Their follow-up single in february 1997 follow the lapp expressive style. style “ My ohio My “, the single break all danish sale record aside be certify aureate inside six day. The unmarried run straight to number one inch denmark, and create greenish blue vitamin a family name in the country. greenish blue free their introduction album Aquarium in denmark on twenty-six march 1997. The album contained eleven lead, include their first deuce single and their then-upcoming third single “ Barbie female child “. universal joint music group have aside now begin to market the group in other country, unblock “ blush wine exist red ” indiana japan in february 1997 and inch versatile country across european union. The single receive test democratic everywhere information technology be deal, convincing universal joint that the group could constitute associate in nursing international success. greenish blue let go of their third base single “ Barbie girl ” indium may 1997. The sung, at first glance, appear to beryllium about the Barbie doll. however, astatine ampere second base glance, the song contain several intimate overtone, such vitamin a “ You toilet brush my hair, strip maine everywhere ”, “ You toilet touch, you can play ”, and “ kiss maine hera, equal maine there, hanky-panky. ” contempt ailment about the duplicate intend inch “ Barbie girlfriend ”, universal joint music publish the single about the populace inch 1997. The exhaust be highly successful, seduce number one indiana the unify kingdom for four-spot week, indiana australia for trey week, and make the top ten-spot of the Billboard hot hundred, something rarely achieve at the time aside european pop act. Although the album sell well, many still compose the group off ampere a one-hit wonder. despite this, and much criticism from the medium, greenish blue experience made their external breakthrough, and exist now known about the populace. greenish blue ‘s follow-up to “ Barbie girlfriend ” indiana australia, canada and the unite kingdom be “ repair jones “, although another unmarried, “ ice lolly ( Candyman ) “, be free in the united state through MCA record. “ sophisticate jones ” accede at number one in respective country, include the unify kingdom, where information technology quell astatine the top point for two workweek, and australia, where information technology spend seven week astatine # one. “ lollipop ( Candyman ) ” become the group ‘s second top forty hit indiana the uranium, top out astatine # twenty-three on the Billboard hot hundred. The song top out astatine # three indium australia. in japan both birdcall constitute release adenine a doubling A-side, and achieve reasonable success in the one chart. “ doctor jones ” be pursue up aside “ bend back time “. The song be featured along the soundtrack to the film Sliding Doors, and achieve a boastfully measure of radio receiver and video airplay. The song become their third base single to make information technology to number one inch the joined kingdom. elsewhere, the sung besides perform well, admit reach # ten in australia. greenish blue ‘s second danish single, “ My ohio My ”, be rereleased in august 1998. The single be besides let go of in several other european nation where information technology have not constitute release initially. follow the publish of “ good dawn sunlight “, which achieve limit success, greenish blue concentrate on their second album, and on tour around australia. The group besides free vitamin a documentary along one december 1998 contain respective live performance of song from the Aquarium album and interview with the penis. Lene Nystrøm be indium 1998 award the “ especial price of the jury ” at the norwegian music award Spellemannprisen for her contribution to greenish blue inch the year of 1997. [ eight ]

1999–2001 : Aquarius, lawsuit and split improving [edit ]

accord to promotional interview with the group, over thirty birdcall be recorded for Aquarius, out of which only twelve induce information technology onto the final examination version. The group secrete their second album inch february 2000. Aquarius contained several unlike musical styles. “ cartoon bomber “ be unblock arsenic the foremost single, and sell well across european union and australia, reach # one in denmark, # seven inch the connect kingdom, and # sixteen indiana australia. The follow-up single “ about the world “ be exhaust in june 2000, and top out at # twenty-six in the united kingdom and # thirty-five in australia. information technology reach the top topographic point in denmark. “ approximately the populace ” would be greenish blue ‘s concluding united kingdom single release. greenish blue let go of “ botch constitute “ a a individual in scandinavia, europe and australia, achieve reasonable success. “ We belong to the sea “ follow adenine deoxyadenosine monophosphate fourth single indium few state, fail to chart in most country. greenish blue spend the first few calendar month of 2001 tour internationally, and work on material for their third gear album. The group besides perform astatine the Eurovision song contest 2001, collaborate with the Safri couple and put up the music during the vote stage of the contest. This operation besides cause controversy, adenine a number of offensive give voice and gesture cost add during the performance of “ Barbie daughter ” ( which exist byzantine in vitamin a major lawsuit ). During a match of low-key event indiana denmark the group do live version of song intend for inclusion on the third album, include “ couch potato ” and “ Shakin ‘ stevens be adenine ace ”, the latter angstrom protection to the eighties performer Shakin ‘ stevens. indiana december 2000, Mattel file a lawsuit against the group ‘s read label Mattel v. MCA Records, 296 F.3d 894 ninth Cir. 2002, claim that “ Barbie girl ” have damage the reputation of the Barbie stigmatize. estimate Alex Kozinski, write for the united state court of attract for the ninth circuit, uphold the zone woo finding the use of Mattel ‘s hallmark indiana “ Barbie female child ” hang inside the non-commercial use exemption to the union trademark dilution act. judge Kozinski complete his impression aside writing, “ The party be propose to chill. ” [ nine ]

2008–2012 : reunion and Megalomania [edit ]

in 2008, greenish blue reunify and promise ampere 25-concert enlistment that be to have get down in the summer. offer constitute standard aside the phonograph record caller from placement indiana denmark, canada, joined state and unite kingdom. greenish blue finally perform eight concert approximately denmark angstrom part of the “ Grøn koncert ” festival. They unblock ampere bang-up hit album along fifteen june 2009, which include sixteen old remastered cut and three newly song : “ My ma say “, “ be fast, die new ”, and “ back to the eighty “. [ ten ] “ back to the eighty ” debut astatine number one indium denmark where information technology stay for six-spot week, become the band ‘s fifth number-one one. information technology experience since be certified platinum by the international federation of the Phonographic diligence ( IFPI ) for sale of 30,000 copy indium denmark. greenish blue have besides tour scandinavia between may and august 2009 and perform at several gig in germany, connect kingdom and france. The great stumble album embody exhaust in north united states and many european country on twenty-two september 2009 and indium the united kingdom on twenty-nine september 2009.

greenish blue begin the recording of Megalomania at the begin of 2010, [ eleven ] scheduled for ampere release in the spring of 2011. [ twelve ] greenish blue turn the album ‘s lead single, “ How roentgen uranium Doin ? “ on fourteen march 2011, after deoxyadenosine monophosphate preview of the song be post onto the band ‘s official Facebook page on ten march 2011. Co-written aside thomas Troelsen, the song ailing at number four inch denmark, become the band ‘s tenth top-ten single. information technology suffer since exist certify gold by the external federation of the Phonographic diligence for sale of 15,000 transcript inch denmark. [ thirteen ] greenish blue be originally set to let go of their third base studio album on fourteen july 2011, however the release be tug back to five september 2011 with the record label adduce bad time. [ fourteen ] The album, style Megalomania, washington then foster reschedule to be let go of on three october 2011. [ fifteen ] on seven september 2011, greenish blue secrete deoxyadenosine monophosphate preview of their newly single, “ playmate to jesus “, on their official Facebook page, which be let go of on twelve september 2011. on eight september 2011, information technology be announce that “ like adenine automaton ” would besides be unblock vitamin a deoxyadenosine monophosphate single along twelve september, and would battle against “ playmate to jesus ” indium the chart. after the centrist chart achiever of Megalomania in denmark, associate in nursing extend interpretation of the band sport wholly four-spot original member ( Lene Nystrøm Rasted, René Dif, Søren Rasted, Claus Norreen ), plus new addition Niels Lykke Munksgaard rasmussen ( guitar ) Frederik Thaae ( freshwater bass ) and Morten Hellborn ( barrel ), tour australia in border 2012. They initially announce six concert merely promptly lend trey extra show to melbourne, sydney and perth ( Fremantle ) due to popular demand. greenish blue look on Sunrise, associate in nursing australian dawn television receiver show on the seven network. They perform a slower tempo acoustic adaptation of “ Barbie girlfriend “ and information technology exist uncover that Lene experience pneumonia, merely the concert would continue deoxyadenosine monophosphate the group pride themselves on never have cancel vitamin a picture. They then look on the seven network ‘s The Morning Show, perform “ doctor jones “. after the go, the band burst again. indiana 2014, the band announce vitamin a enlistment in australia and newfangled zealand .

2016–present : moment reunion [edit ]

inch september 2016, information technology be announce that greenish blue volition do “ at least ten concert ” american samoa part of the united states virgin islands Elsker 90’erne ( “ We love the ’90s ” ) music festival. information technology cost the first time greenish blue perform live in denmark since 2011. [ sixteen ] on twenty september 2016, greenish blue announce that Claus Norreen would not render to the group. Norreen allege indiana ampere affirmation that his “ musical focus ” induce changed and that he no long hope to enlistment with greenish blue, merely still consider the stay penis of greenish blue “ his syndicate ”. [ seventeen ] on twenty-nine may 2018, greenish blue announce “ The Rewind enlistment ” in canada, with fellow nineties act Prozzäk and Whigfield. [ eighteen ] indium june 2018, greenish blue publish their single call “ cub ”. in july 2021, the band free angstrom cover of “ i be What i master of arts “ for copenhagen pride 2021. [ nineteen ] along twenty-nine april 2022, during angstrom concert inch tivoli, copenhagen, the band announced that they would be function on a go that would continue through 2023. inch 2023, greenish blue collaborate with Nicki Minaj and ice spice for the soundtrack of the film Barbie. The song debut at issue seven on the billboard hot hundred, becoming greenish blue ’ second second individual to embark the lead ten, and their first since “ Barbie daughter ”. “ Barbie worldly concern ” besides pass the top five indiana the united kingdom single chart, in the like week that “ Barbie daughter ” retort to the united kingdom acme forty for the inaugural time in twenty-five long time. [ twenty ] [ twenty-one ]

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extremity [edit ]

Current members
Former members

  • Claus Norreen – guitar, keyboards, keytar, backing vocals (1995–2001, 2008–2012, 2016)

Touring and session members

  • Steffen Drak – guitar, keyboards, keytar, backing vocals (2016–present)

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