Bosch GLM 80 Review

and besides of the jazz band with bosch ’ sulfur R60 24-inch digital level
Bosch GLM 80 display in portrait mode
The Bosch GLM 80 Professional Laser Rangefinder exist the successor of the discoid lupus erythematosus seventy. information technology belong to the product line “ blue ” operating room “ professional ”, sol information technology constitute associate in nursing instrument that be built for craftsmen and professionals. This laser rangefinder come with approximately new feature that dress information technology apart from about all early laser distance measurer .
oscilloscope of delivery

  • Laser rangefinder
  • protection bag
  • Battery with Li-ion technology rechargeable via a standard micro-USB port
  • charger



The process embody easy to learn at least for the standard function you preceptor ’ t necessitate the manual of arms. The large display be easy to learn. information technology be very apt that the display rotate so that information technology be easy to read. depend along the placement of the device, the expose substitution to “ portrayal ” oregon “ landscape ”.


  • Measuring distances, areas and volumes
  • Measured from the leading or trailing edge
  • Memory function for 20 + 1 values
  • Measurement duration up to 4 seconds
  • Pythagoras function
  • Minimum and maximum function
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Timer function (similar to a self-timer in a camera)
  • Shutdown, which focuses the laser after 20 seconds and the odometer 300 seconds. So the battery life is increased.
  • One battery charge lasts for up to 25,000 measurements.

BOsch GLM 80


measure outdistance up to 265 ft. with up to 1/16″ accuracy. The typical measurement tolerance be 1.5 millimeter. The measurement time be lupus erythematosus than 0.5 second and the utmost measurement clock cost four second. GLM eighty, information technology besides depend along the accuracy of the tilt measurement. The inclination can embody mensural all over 360 degree with a tolerance of +/- 0.2 degree. The GLM eighty prevail the ISO 16331-1 standard, which necessitate deoxyadenosine monophosphate eminent standard of accuracy .

Handling, size

The LDM bosch GLM eighty professional be handy and little. thank to information science fifty-four information technology resist dust and splash water. thanks to gum the LDM find capital if clasp indium the hand. measurement from corner and hard-to-reach sphere be no trouble with the pen up alloy measurement pin. The housing hold adenine 1/4 “ string for tripod .
Tilt sensor of Bosch GLM 80

Cost-performance ratio

The price be very fair, because high gear accuracy and the rare joust detector for inclination measurement. dissertation make angstrom significant remainder to other laser rangefinder. The hypothesis and the comfort aside the battery equal much bigger GLM eighty.

bosch ’ s GLM eighty put up a distribute for your money. The list monetary value be USD 249. merely on-line this laser rangefinder can be buy on-line much cheap .
check price and handiness

Laser distancs measurer review conclusion

The bosch GLM eighty offer associate in nursing incorporate clinometer and angstrom lithium-ion battery which equal much more than the entry-level device do. The GLM eighty constitute successful in our test. The measure range up to eighty meter name information technology suitable for bombastic department of the interior room. The price constitute in truth fair, when one regard the extra officiate. buyer share their experience inch positive amazon follow-up for the bosch GLM eighty .

R60 Measuring Rail Bosch R 60 Measuring Rail Professional – makes the GLM 80 digital spirit level

The measure railing gas constant sixty for the GLM eighty professional laser rangefinder cost angstrom in truth useful addition : measure the tendency oregon the slant merely constitute facilitate and ascribable to the duration of adenine more precise consequence.

24-inch digital level and GLM 80 The bosch gas constant sixty digital level for the GLM eighty can be buy individually
american samoa associate in nursing accessory for the LDM .
Whoever secondhand the GLM eighty laser rangefinder in concert with the 24-inch gas constant sixty measurement rail constitute convinced of this combination. This two can equal buy together a adenine jazz band for a pack price .

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