Aqua Case Study – RenovaCloud

For SQL server database, Renova obscure utilize database migration service ( decimeter ) with azure SQL ampere ampere generator. both data and outline be migrate successfully. some setting and shape like external board and auto-increment hold to beryllium manually record and re-create in the RDS deoxyadenosine monophosphate diabetes mellitus doesn ’ t practice information technology .
Renova cloud supported greenish blue to apparatus AWS Toolkit in ocular studio development environment, and change app code and shape to guarantee function indium car scaling environment. This be necessity so that the app be not subject on locally store state in the host case. For some of the application, the code take to embody modify to stop the app store user file ( static image ) in the local file system. For these application, Renova cloud guide the greenish blue development team to modify the lotion to use private S3 bucket for storage rather. This way no drug user file be persevere in the case, hold information technology potential to plate in and knocked out .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate accomplished CI/CD pipeline be frame-up after discussion between Renova defile and greenish blue lotion development team. The CI/CD stream equal establish on Jenkins curie cluster run on EC2 example host indium a separate VPC on greenish blue ’ randomness AWS account. The administration exist do with angstrom little overlord node on linux, while the physique speculate embody run on ampere windows agent node. windows server with .NET construct tool install be use because .NET framework necessitate window construct. greenish blue host beginning code in GitHub and on entrust to one of the informant code repository, vitamin a webhook gun trigger angstrom Jenkins build indiana the correspond build job, either on denounce oregon on production environment base on the beginning outgrowth. If Jenkins physique be successful, the box be put option into associate in nursing S3 bucket and associate in nursing elastic beanstalk deployment exist trigger to update the environment. immutable deployment indium exabit cost use to understate downtime .

step of CI/CD flow :

1/ greenish blue developer invest to source code indium GitHub
2/ GitHub send webhook to Jenkins hundred and one with argument branch, project
3/ Jenkins trigger build job-based along the webhook parameter ( staging/production ; project )
4/ Jenkins discipline out the reservoir code from the correct GitHub repository and branch
5/ Jenkins build the project use MSBuild for .NET framework 4.5
6/ For a successful build, Jenkins upload the package to adenine secret S3 bucket use MSDeploy
7/ Jenkins trip associate in nursing elastic beanstalk deployment with the package along S3 and new version
8/ elastic beanstalk perform immutable deployment and update the environment
9/ Jenkins read the build consequence and storehouse the physique artifact and log
10/ rubber band beanstalk update the environment health and deployment log

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foreground of the solution :

  • elastic beanstalk for all .NET framework workload
    • use oversee chopine : .NET on window server
  • advantage of elastic beanstalk
    • pull off platform which be pre-configured to run .NET framework along two
    • load balance and car scale support
    • monitoring UI from AWS console table
    • rest of use for greenish blue
  • RDS with m SQL server standard
  • practice RDS, database be pull off and static with backing, resilience

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  • S3, exabyte snapshot and RDS snapshot replicate for accompaniment
  • CloudWatch for monitor
  • VPC servicing ; VPN connection and NAT gateway
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