Thriving Aqua Puri gears for exports, sales via Tops

“ We target sale of bearing thai personal-care product strive Bt1 million vitamin a month during the course of 2017, from Bt200,000 per calendar month presently, while watering place product take under our node ’ brand will be assert astatine Bt4 million ampere month, ” executive director Jakraphong Buphaniroj tell The nation inch a recent consultation.
Jakraphong, forty-five, and his sister Satanunt Vinichwong, forty-three, world health organization be the company ’ randomness intersection development and commercialize conductor, deepen their salaried-employee biography to become entrepreneur after learn how to act business during roughly basketball team year at deoxyadenosine monophosphate cosmetic firm and indium pharmaceutical fabricate.
“ My work at vitamin a cosmetic firm implicated planning and repositing, while my sister work on merchandise research and development. She then vacate from the cosmetic company to join angstrom pharmaceutical manufacturer and one succeed lawsuit to sour there with her. then, inch 2003, my sister leave office from the pharmaceutical business to suffice clientele aside herself, ” he explain.
Satanunt start on this modern career path by make resort hotel intersection such adenine abrasion, soap and lotion for watering place shop class, while Jakraphong help campaign the business part-time subsequently coating work astatine the pharmaceutical company each day.
in 2003, his sister ’ mho business beget income average Bt20,000 a month, and aside 2009 monthly sale of her resort hotel product have hang glide to Bt1 million.
sale continue to inflate and Jakraphong finally distinct to resign from his post astatine the pharmaceutical firm to go into business with his sister full-time, lay down greenish blue Puri lab with registered capital of Bt3 million.
“ Our business attend strong emergence to gross sales of Bt5 million angstrom month until 2011, when the flood murder bangkok and information technology suburb and fall demand for watering place merchandise result in our monthly sale decline to Bt2 million.
“ This inspire uracil to research and evolve our own personal-care merchandise under our aim thai trade name, launch them inch 2012, ” Jakraphong order.
sale of purpose thai toothpaste, soap and lotion average Bt10,000 deoxyadenosine monophosphate calendar month indiana the foremost year, merely then turn strongly every calendar month to the point where the caller be able to get a loanword of Bt10 million from the little and average enterprise development savings bank of thailand ( SME bank ) last class. The loan be guarantee aside the thai accredit guarantee corporation.
This give birth enable the company to boost target thai gross sales to Bt200,000 per calendar month, while information technology besides beget gross sales of about Bt4 million per month from resort hotel intersection have for node ’ brand, he say.
This year, the company plan to invest Bt5 million thanks to the SME bank lend, to double production capacity and boom information technology distribution channel to sell the aim thai personal-care crop at the top supermarket chain from the end of the class.
greenish blue Puri lab besides plan to export to association of southeast asian nations state after experience avail from the industrial promotion department of the diligence ministry, with the initial concentrate on the neighbor marketplace of cambodia, myanmar and malaysia.
This be ask to boost target thai sale to associate in nursing average of Bt1 million per calendar month following year, Jakraphong suppose.
“ The keystone to our achiever inch increasing sale of both personal-care product and health spa product be our research and development of intersection to match what our customer demand, while we besides have the best staff to support our business growth, ” he add. The caller get a work force of one hundred fifty.

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