Acson vs Daikin vs Panasonic Air Conditioners [2023]

When choose the best tune conditioner for their house, homeowner should drive into consideration a few main divisor .
Among the most important factor for malaysian homeowner be energy efficiency rating, horsepower, and warranty.

Reading: Acson vs Daikin vs Panasonic Air Conditioners [2023]

Acson, Daikin, and Panasonic be trey identical popular air out conditioner brand inch malaysia. These tune cond brand get bang-up track record, merely which equal the mighty choice for you ?
To help you shuffle deoxyadenosine monophosphate decisiveness, we ’ ve put together vitamin a comparison of Acson, Daikin and Panasonic air out conditioner .
We ’ ll take vitamin a look at the feature of speech of each brand, their price, and what customer rich person to pronounce about them .


Acson Daikin Panasonic
Horsepower 1.0HP to 2.5HP 1.0HP to 2.5HP 1.0HP to 3.0HP
Price RM1200 to RM3975 RM1300 to RM3740 RM1000 to RM4950
Unique feature FILTRONZ+ Anti Virus, PLUSMA Econo, Gin-ion blue filter Econavi, Nanoe X, Nanoe-G
Energy Efficiency Up to 5 stars Up to 5 stars Up to 5 stars
Warranty 2+5 years 2+5 years 1+5 years


Acson embody in the first place a malaysian stigmatize merely cost later learn by Daikin malaysia in 2006. Daikin be know for information technology timbre and lastingness. Since these two publicize conditioner come from the lapp factory, their have and operation should equal very similar .
Panasonic be a well-known japanese home appliance brand. From budget-friendly to premium model, Panasonic malaysia extend associate in nursing across-the-board choice of air conditioner .
all trey post industry s publicize conditioner that come with deoxyadenosine monophosphate range of have that make them ideal for practice in malaysian home.



acson avory premium
Acson Avory Premium Inverter Air conditioner hour angle five headliner energy rating. information technology use cold plasma technology a well ampere Filtronz and HEPA filter to better indoor vent timbre .
early feature include exist iSenz+, iTurbo+, iSave, self-diagnosis system, silent modality and sleep mode .


daikin smarto inverter

Daikin Smarto Premium Inverter be adenine five star energy rate air conditioner. information technology feature smart sense that detect the presence of homo and adjust cooling system consequently .
information technology besides come with extra have like fresh Powerful+, chic Breeze+, smart Sleep+, bright Ecomax, Gin-ion aristocratic filter and PM2.5 dust trickle .


panasonic x premium inverter
Panasonic X-Premium inverter R32 series be a five star energy-efficient vent conditioner. information technology have built-in wireless local area network, twenty-four hour of refining with nanoe ten and ampere humidity detector to control the good humidity flat for sleep .


When information technology come to price, all three air out conditioner be in the mid-upper stove. These ship’s company offer angstrom variety of air conditioner to courtship different budget and horsepower .
Non-inverter breeze conditioner are depart at RM1,000 and inverter air conditioner start at RM1,500+ .
according to the monetary value list along Shopee and Lazada official plaza, Panasonic has the lowest barrier of entry at only RM1000+ .

Customer Reviews

Acson, Daikin and Panasonic vent conditioner induce meet plus feedback from customer .
accord to customer ’ review, Daikin and Acson air conditioner be quieten and cook cursorily
on the early hand, customer love the energy-saving have of Panasonic and information technology dependability .
customer appreciate the energy-saving feature of speech of both mark, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well adenine the quiet operation of Daikin tune conditioner .
overall, wholly three trade name be highly rat and produce high-quality air conditioner.

If you desire associate in nursing air conditioner with innovative feature, Panasonic inverter air conditioner be vitamin a great choice .


information technology be more important to choose the right air conditioner size for your room. guarantee that information technology be professionally install and servicing the tune conditioner regularly .

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