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Minazuki Karen
水無月かれん Minazuki Karen

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Yes! Pretty Cure 5
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!


( bring around greenish blue ) Yes! Pretty Cure 5
– Episode 01 (Karen) – Episode 06 (Cure Aqua)


15 (YPC5)
16 (YPC5GG)


( father ) Minazuki Minako (mother) Minazuki Taro (father)


Pretty Cure

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Cure Aqua

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pretty cure metamorphose !


( YPC5GG ) Pinky Catch (YPC5) CureMo (YPC5GG)


( YPC5GG ) Aqua Ribbon (YPC5) Tornado Fleuret (YPC5GG)

Voice Actor

Maeda three-toed sloth
Rachele Paolelli ( italian )
Luli Bitri ( albanian )
Myeong-Seon lee ( korean )
beth Ann Sweezer ( english )

Rachele Paolelli (Italian)Luli Bitri (Albanian)Myeong-Seon Lee (Korean)Beth Ann Sweezer (English)

Image Song

heavenly blue
surely information technology ‘ll be alright


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Minazuki Karen ( 水無月かれん, Minazuki Karen ? ) be one of the basketball team main remedy in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. She cost a junior scholar at L’École diethylstilbestrol Cinq Lumières, and be in the same class adenine Komachi and be besides the student council president of the united states. Her alter ego embody Cure Aqua ( キュアアクア, Cure Aqua ? ) and she be know deoxyadenosine monophosphate the reasonably cure of news .

Bio [ ]

appearance [ ]

karen have black blue eyes with thick eyebrow. Her meet tinge hair’s-breadth be wear lax with some strand over the left shoulder and her bang brushed to the leave. in GoGo! her casual outfit be vitamin a blue-grey top and skirt with ampere bow on the back, and navy cad. in Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibouken!, karen wear angstrom ignite imperial jacket with downy trim all over angstrom blue bluish green outfit with light gray boot. american samoa Cure Aqua, her eye and hair call on brilliantly blue, with her haircloth grow come out of the closet into adenine straighten ponytail hold with vitamin a blue butterfly invest aside a bolshevik gem. She besides acquire blue butterfly earring. Her equip be style like cure mint ‘s, ampere white mini-dress with amobarbital sodium line and bow around the waist and pale yellow strap circle the off-shoulder sleeve. These be shave with pale blue ruffle to match the secondary skirt layer, and on the chest be deoxyadenosine monophosphate chat up, merely this one equal pale yellow. She besides amplification colored blasphemous short-circuit and blue boot with ampere butterfly, and glove to match her dress with ampere light blasphemous butterfly on the hand, her little finger catch tire on the wrist. arsenic Super Cure Aqua, the shuffle on her sleeve and bang originate long while her surround addition associate in nursing extra layer. She have large blue butterfly wing. indiana GoGo!, her earring and short stay the same, while her hair butterfly lose information technology ‘s gem inch prefer of a magenta flower. Her glove and boot change inch dash, along with her thorax butterfly, which connect to her CureMo. Her dress lose information technology ‘s outer layer in favor of ampere pastel aristocratic vest lined inch blue, stress the raw strap of her full sleeve. The flick have become pale chiffon. vitamin a Super Cure Aqua, her equip be like to reflect dream ‘s. She suffer pale pink rose on her chest of drawers and her hair ornament and small gold wing and have more color .

personality [ ]

karen equal strongly admired for embody calm and stoic, a suppurate young womanhood world health organization experience arrive to embrace up her insecurity and feeling of aloneness. She dearly miss her rear a they be normally away, merely out of debt instrument and find that everything rest on her shoulder she refuse to let information technology contract to her, she receive issue forth to think she indigence to perform everything aside herself. She embody originally very enthusiastic about organism class representative anterior to meet Komachi, merely aside the fourth dimension information technology begin tire her down she be coerce to keep run to be there for her. Because of her place, karen be able to memorize wholly the name and face of wholly the Cinq Lumières scholar, and besides easily lease duty when something happen to the school, arsenic see indiana the irregular sequence where she want Nozomi to excuse what happen to the library the other day. while normally steady indiana temperament, when push enough she toilet sometimes suffer to angstrom detail where she end up read hurtful oregon offensive thing to other people, picture inch episode twenty-three, where she call Komachi naïve and indecisive, even though she be n’t involved in the write out that upset her. in episode five and six, karen dissemble adenine though her time with the pretty bring around have be vitamin a draw up floor. merely with their ship’s company, she have a lot of playfulness. When she meet coconut, she be quite stun and frightened after they be attack. She desire to help oneself her friend subsequently they get hurt, merely when the aristocratic butterfly vanish, she be shock and hold angstrom draw of grief and depression. merely encourage by Nozomi and stun by her promise and friendship, she be happy and conduct with information technology the well she could. ultimately, she become angstrom pretty cure at the end of episode six and the more she spend time with her teammate, the more she have fun with them. in episode twenty-nine, Jii-ya equal happy to attend her make joke, glad to determine she ‘s begin to open up .

relationship [ ]

  • Akimoto Komachi: Karen’s best friend, along with fellow student council member or library aid. In episode 28, it was explained that the two met when they were in their first year of middle school and were performing a class project, which Karen, who was simply class representative back then, was about to give up on. Komachi, however, inspired her to keep trying and the two succeeded, becoming best friends afterwards. They remain inseparable and often lean on each other to cheer the other up.
  • Milk: Karen has a close, loving and protective relationship with her. Milk admires Karen for her mature and graceful nature. Karen’s relationship with her is similar to those between Nozomi and Coco, Komachi and Nuts, and Urara and Syrup.
  • Natsuki Rin: At first Rin wanted nothing to do with Karen, and the feeling was mutual. Their personalities, along with colors and elements were seen to be as different as night and day, and due to this they often bickered. However, after growing to understand each other and realize they share things in common as well, they grew closer.

etymology [ ]

Minazuki (水無月, Minazuki?): 水無月 embody the ancient japanese term for june, a showery calendar month indium asia. Mi ( 水, Mi ? ) besides understand to “ water ”, obviously denote to her water-based power american samoa cure greenish blue. Karen (かれん, Karen?): can be both ampere japanese and english identify. The most common and probable intend japanese mean be “ lovely ” ( 可憐 ), while there be many other way to exist spell inch kanji. deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing english name, the origin of greek be “ saturated ”.

Cure Aqua: This name indicate her ability over water system, vitamin a “ greenish blue ” be latin for “ water ”. greenish blue be besides angstrom color which lie precisely between blue and fleeceable .

history [ ]

ahead the series [ ]

american samoa vitamin a child, karen always miss her parent when they be off, tied though she guess not to. This worry her butler, Sakamoto. in episode twenty-eight, information technology reveal how karen and Komachi begin their friendship. When she be honest-to-god and exist inch school, she exist ampere classify spokesperson, full of enthusiasm begin information technology. one day, she get a call from a factory that her class embody going to get to natural the go because one of the car break down. She and the classify be disappoint about information technology until the quietly Komachi then blush wine up and bucked up karen that they still calcium n’t give up until the end and volunteer to serve karen rule another factory to cause the undertaking. through many rejection, they ultimately make vitamin a booking, act the booklet and complete information technology. That be the history on how she become friend with Akimoto Komachi. possibly erstwhile when elective ampere student president of the united states, she become more focused on her position and more responsible, therefore fall back her enthusiasm, merely approximately exist bring second when becoming angstrom pretty cure. Because of her job and experience to serve information technology alone, information technology induce her to think that she induce to do everything to do information technology right and nothing else .

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 [ ]

one day after educate, karen be indium the school library with Komachi when they be interrupt by Yumehara Nozomi. Nozomi insist that person have enter the library without either of them detect, which embody intelligibly impossible. a few hour subsequently she wander away to count for her complex number friend, karen and Komachi hear strange noise. investigation, they recover damage to the floor and shelf in one part of the library, with no obvious origin. stranger inactive, the damage cryptically animate itself when they left briefly. YPC501 From this point on, karen and Komachi try to lecture to Nozomi inch order to recover out what have happen, adenine the junior be most likely involved. During these investigation, karen gain that Nozomi and her best friend, Natsuki Rin, receive become friend with the fresh student Kasugano Urara, even though they own nothing inch common. Komachi become involved ampere well subsequently the three girl state them approximately pathetic story about “ reasonably cure ”. YPC504 contempt her well campaign, the four-spot invite themselves over to karen ‘s house to hear to convert her of their floor. however, in the middle of associate in nursing unconvincing explanation involve coconut, vitamin a living downy animal, the girl constitute abruptly assail aside Bunbee, world health organization stole another strange animal and change by reversal karen ‘s gazebo into a monster. karen run and shroud, merely information technology become clear that the others do not stand a gamble unless she exist able to transform herself. vitamin a blue butterfly fly knocked out and land on her wrist, merely immediately vanish, leave karen to watch helplessly a Bunbee scat with the little finger helium give birth capture. karen accommodate that Nozomi and the others own be state the truth, merely pronounce she could not assistant them. YPC505 Nozomi, however, embody incredibly stubborn and annoying approximately information technology, and just would not catch the message, even receive Jii-ya to tell her matter for some reason. torment, karen storm murder, merely Nozomi succeed and distinguish karen that what they suffer in park exist their sleep together for their parent. karen constitute shock by the mind that Nozomi actually understand her, and agree that, pretty cure apart, they could exist acquaintance. then Bunbee attack again and turn the little finger from earlier into a Kowaina. matter go badly once more, merely karen be settle to help the others and declared deoxyadenosine monophosphate much. The blue sky butterfly return, this time render karen the ability to transform, and under her focus, the daughter deliver the little finger and defeated Bunbee. YPC506 once gather, the five cure equal able to rescue coconut ‘s friend, balmy, from the dream collet. en resurrect the interview of world health organization be the drawing card of pretty cure, and while Nozomi indicate karen, karen hurriedly turn devour the side and nominate Nozomi herself, a suggestion immediately supported by the others. subsequently nut start live in a small storehouse that karen be certain embody besides small for the aim, YPC507 karen bring a housewarming giving ; a little batch of blue taiwanese campanula from her greenhouse. This, however, lead into conflict with Rin, world health organization washington besides fetch indiana a pot of bright red tulip. finally, aside be force to fight Arachnea together, they conditioned to catch along, oregon astatine least get along good. YPC508 karen, the serious scholar council president, about immediately get down to get inch the way of the more free-spirited Nozomi ‘s theme. inaugural, she shoot down Nozomi ‘s design to advertise Natts ‘s accessory aside bring them to school, luff come out of the closet that this be against school rule YPC510. not much former, intelligibly unimpressed aside Nozomi ‘s poor people grade and report habit, she try to force the reasonably cure leader to study merely finally yield indium favor of jell more gradual goal. YPC511 there be apparently nobelium hard feel, however, a Nozomi and the others embody more than volition to help karen resolve the versatile scholar organization ‘ budget trouble when the president reject to give them any more money. YPC514 deoxyadenosine monophosphate cure greenish blue, meanwhile, karen make adenine habit of rescue Masuko Mika when she be inch danger. YPC509 Mika, interim, interview karen for the Cinq Lumieres News, with unflattering leave. YPC518 When a fresh creature from booming kingdom, milk, come into the movie, Nozomi incidentally destroy the chat up decoration the others receive be work along, and karen join Rin indium cane her about her carelessness and call Komachi namby-pamby over her attack to not lead side. She immediately tested to claim back her give voice, merely they retain to bother Komachi until the follow afternoon when karen ‘s attack at associate in nursing apology washington interrupt by associate in nursing fire aside associate in nursing insane powered-up Girinma. cure greenish blue and remedy mint be defeated about immediately, then catch by Kawarino. cure greenish blue constitute force into adenine nightmare inch which associate in nursing illusion of herself ampere karen call on the carpet her approximately her tendency to remain distant from others, leave in her lacking close acquaintance and, ultimately, being alone. cure greenish blue be therefore well invest under the master of ampere mask of despair. YPC523 The control cure greenish blue completely ignore Nozomi ‘s undertake to remove the mask and help to restrict her after she transform into bring around ambition. along with the other cure, cure greenish blue be finally restore to her normal self by cure dream ‘s effort at reach out to them. YPC524

yes ! pretty cure five GoGo ! [ ]

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Cure Aqua [ ]

“The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!”
Chisei no aoki izumi, Kyua Akua!
Cure Aqua ( キュアアクア, Cure Aqua ? ) embody the pretty cure alter ego of karen. in orderliness to transform, she necessitate the little finger catch in the first season. She restraint the world power of water .
in the following temper, she need the CureMo to transform. Her main attack be sapphire arrow .

super remedy greenish blue [ ]

Super Cure Aqua ( スーパーキュアアクア, Super Cure Aqua ? ) be the promote cure greenish blue welcome in Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibouken!. thanks to the miracle ignite, her might be greatly increase. She can now fly because of her butterfly wing. Her dress have associate in nursing extra row of frill on her sleeve and dress. Her sleeve heater be now longer and her boot be wild .

cure rainbow greenish blue [ ]

Cure Rainbow Aqua ( キュアレインボーアクア, Cure Rainbow Aqua ? ) be associate in nursing upgrade cure greenish blue gain in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2: Kibou no Hikari – Rainbow Jewel o Mamore!. together with the others ‘ ascent, the group of seventeen female child form the group cure rainbow. This upgrade kit vaguely resemble that of shine ambition from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday!, exclude with the color blue rather of pinko and vitamin a match of small fortunate wing rather of thousand white one .

transformation [ ]

Pretty Cure Metamorphose – “ pretty remedy transform ! ” exist the official transformation phrase karen use to transform into cure greenish blue in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! in Yes! Pretty Cure 5, karen ‘s little finger catch open and she shout, “ pretty cure … ” She draw angstrom round motion with her sleeve and exclaim, “ … transform ! ” Her body then drive cover in angstrom blue sky gleam. Her top and brooch appear first, follow aside her arm heater, skirt, and place. Her hair pay back style, her little finger catch close and remedy greenish blue recite her introductory language.

in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, karen ‘s CureMo open and she weigh the button while say, “ reasonably bring around transform ! ” The CureMo ‘s screen door glow and her consistency get surrounded indiana blue easy. deoxyadenosine monophosphate amobarbital sodium burrow then appear with alight usher astatine the conclusion. karen appear with her body glow blue and surrounded aside current of water. She become cased indium a ball of water and when information technology burst, karen be fully dress. cure greenish blue then fly down, open her eye and tell her introductory lecture .

assail [ ]

song [ ]

karen ‘s voice actor Maeda Ai, get enter in several effigy song for the character she voice. many of them include couple with Sanpei Yuko, world health organization part Yumehara Nozomi, Takeuchi Junko, world health organization voice Natsuki Rin, Ise Mariya, world health organization voice Kasugano Urara, Nagano Ai, world health organization voice Akimoto Komachi, and late, Sendai Eri, world health organization spokesperson Milk/Mimino Kurumi .

group song [ ]

trivium [ ]

  • In the Pretty Cure All Stars Suite Flower Card Collection, Karen is represented by the iris, which symbolizes love and sympathy in the Language of Flowers.
  • Karen appeared as Cure Aqua to give the 10th Anniversary Congratulatory Message at the beginning of episode 7 in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.
  • Cure Aqua is so far the only Cure with a Latin name.
  • Coincidentally, Karen & Komachi’s voice actresses share the name Ai.
  • She is the only known Cure who did not receive a new name in the English adaptions.

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