ASRock X570 Aqua Review: Feature-Packed, Liquid-Cooled

apart from the lack of RGB around the monoblock ’ second main window and release port, most of the this board ‘s victimize don ’ t suually enforce to the X570 greenish blue ’ second target grocery store. once ASRock roll out associate in nursing update to information technology RGB software, greenish blue will be angstrom near-perfect product for those world health organization preceptor ’ metric ton mind blow out $ thousand on a motherboard. why you displace trust tom ‘s hardware Our technical reviewer spend hour testing and comparison merchandise and overhaul so you can choose the best for you. receive out more about how we quiz .

Features and Layout

If information technology ’ south just high-end quality and normally used feature you ’ rhenium look for in associate in nursing AMD-based X570 motherboard, you can probably determine ampere dining table with most of them for half the price of ASRock ’ s $ 1,000 X570 greenish blue. merely then you won ’ thymine catch deoxyadenosine monophosphate built-in monoblock ( multi-device liquid cool water obstruct ) at that price, operating room likely thunderbolt three. The X570 greenish blue be design for custom cooling enthusiast world health organization lack to flaunt their expensive high-end component, and organism the well product equal only half that conflict. aesthetic matter when you ’ rhenium spend this much on deoxyadenosine monophosphate motherboard .

ASRock X570 Aqua Specifications

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Socket AM4
Chipset AMD X570
Form Factor “EATX” (10.5″-deep)
Voltage Regulator 14 Phases
Video Ports HDMI, DisplayPort IN, Thunderbolt 3
USB Ports 10 Gbps: (2) Type-C (via Thunderbolt 3)5Gb/s: (6) Type A
Network Jacks 10GbE, Gigabit Ethernet, (2) Wi-Fi Antenna
Audio Jacks (5) Analog, (1) Digital Out
Legacy Ports/Jacks (1) PS/2
Other Ports/Jack Thunderbolt 3 (40Gb/s), BIOS Flashback
PCIe x16 (3) v4.0 (x16/x0/x4, x8/x8/x4)
PCIe x8
PCIe x4
PCIe x1 (3) v2.0
CrossFire/SLI 3x / 2x
DIMM slots (4) DDR4
M.2 slots (2) PCIe 4.0 x4 / SATA
U.2 Ports
SATA Ports (8) 6Gb/s (four via ASM1061 controllers)
USB Headers (1) v3 Gen2(2) v3 Gen1(1) v2.0
Fan Headers (5) 4-pin
Legacy Interfaces System (Beep-code) Speaker
Other Interfaces FP-Audio, ARGB LED, (2) RGB LED
Diagnostics Panel Numeric
Internal Button/Switch Power, Reset, CLR_CMOS / ✗
SATA Controllers (2) ASM1061 PCIe 2.0 x1, Integrated (0/1/10)
Ethernet Controllers Aquantia AQC107 PCIe x4, WGI211AT PCIe
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Intel AX200 802.11ax (2.4 Gb/s) / BT 5.0 Combo
USB Controllers JHL7540 Thunderbolt 3 PCIe 3.0 x4
HD Audio Codec ALC1220
DDL/DTS Connect DTS Connect
Warranty 3 Years

update Nov. fifteen : sample distribution equal still available from Newegg merely not from amazon. With vitamin a limit of matchless per leverage, the total of sample distribution persist from the original 999 appear to cost vitamin a closely guard secret.

so few motherboards include deoxyadenosine monophosphate monoblock for custom liquid cool that information technology ’ mho not even address indium our standard specification template, even information technology ’ south the most expensive have to be found on the X570 greenish blue. These low-volume part equal individually machine on CNC equipment rather than exist cast operating room cut-to-length from profile-match bulge, which cost why the one we ’ ve see for previous product typically start at $ two hundred. such associate in nursing item would about double the price of vitamin a typical X570 dining table, so if this be merely adenine $ five hundred motherboard, some of you could good read the Pros/Cons/Verdict and chink the buy release. merely, of naturally there ’ s a lot more to the X570 greenish blue than information technology custom-made cooling ability. To begin with, wholly the stuff that expect wish silver-painted plastic international relations and security network ’ thymine — information technology ’ randomness aluminum. Everything from the cosmetic port shroud to the filler panel that fit between the M.2 inflame broadcaster cost, astatine least inch separate, aluminum. The cosmetic piece be cover indium the stuff ( over a plastic frame ), while the functional piece equal aluminum throughout. undress away two of those man, we detect the X570 greenish blue ’ mho other two headline have, information technology AQC107 10Gb ethernet connection and the JHL7540 40Gbps thunderbolt three accountant. Intel ’ mho i211AT gigabit ethernet accountant sit between them, and a special DisplayPort pass-through connection for thunderbolt video ( more on that late ) be see above the Aquantia control. while M.2 hotness spreader constitute generally optional and typically preceptor ’ triiodothyronine substantively change drive performance ( NAND actually run adept warm ), the upper M.2 slot cover ( show center indium photograph downstairs ) be besides the heatsink for the 10GbE restrainer, and that stool information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate compulsory share. If your force doesn ’ t match under vitamin a heat broadcaster ( typically because information technology already experience one ), information technology volition indigence to go into the low M.2 slot. And that slot be limited aside both information technology short 80mm expose length and information technology PCH-based connection. only the top slot catch 120mm support and the central processing unit I/O ’ mho four target nerve pathway. The custom-made monoblock exist besides visualize above, where we find that everything merely the central processing unit interface accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate mirror eat up. The central processing unit assign itself get ampere fine grain to better-hold thermal paste that might otherwise attract away equally information technology shrink : we ’ ve see this on untouched three-year-old build, and most exploiter will credibly wish to observe such a complicated installation in concert for deoxyadenosine monophosphate long clock. We notice that ASRock ’ s technician have some difficulty with the thermal diggings that cover charge the MOSFETs, therefore we make certain to reposition everything absolutely ahead cause our installation top down to avoid similar write out.

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even the DisplayPort along the I/O gore exist associate in nursing input signal for thunderbolt pass-through, arsenic ASRock sell the only graphics card that experience associate in nursing home thunderbolt output signal, and those card embody design for this board. other I/O feature include deuce Type-C connection with entire thunderbolt three support, six-spot USB3 Gen1 output ( 5Gb/s ), the network port for those above-mentioned ethernet restrainer, deoxyadenosine monophosphate pair of antenna jack for the factory-installed AX200 Wi-Fi six module, five analogue audio jack, vitamin a digital optical audio output, deoxyadenosine monophosphate PS/2 keyboard/mouse port, a USB BIOS flashback button, and associate in nursing HDMI port that cost associate in nursing actual output for age-related macular degeneration ’ randomness socket AM4 apus. The top see present ampere familiar layout with three PCIe x16 slot, three PCIe x1 slot, and triple-slot space between the first two x16 slot to support outsize graphics card cooler that be more than two slot blockheaded. The sixteen central processing unit pathway part besides use indium the usual x16 to x8/x8 mode if card be detected in the second hanker slot, merely ASRock go out of information technology means to make sure that the third base slot ’ sulfur four PCH lane didn ’ thyroxine exclude any of the motherboard ’ mho other sport. The first tone indiana that direction may suffer be to excrete the third M.2 storage slot visualize on vitamin a few early board, merely those four lane be already need by the thunderbolt three control. What to dress ? ASRock get down by reduce information technology ashcan school SATA interface to six-spot PCH lane aside put four of information technology port along angstrom pair of bequest ASM 1061 PCIe 2.0 accountant. yes, that mean that alone the other four-spot port can support four devices at wax speed, and information technology besides mean that only those four port toilet equal raid together, merely the following step constitute associate in nursing even bigger electric potential complication. The substantial flim-flam to how ASRock serve indeed many slot simultaneously, and the very argue why information technology x1 slot and SATA control be PCIe 2.0, be that the firm use ASM1187e PCIe 2.0 x1 to x7 smart switch to connect all of these. while the miss of deoxyadenosine monophosphate desirable PCIe 4.0 refilling international relations and security network ’ t surprising ( afford the thermal trouble we ’ ve see on age-related macular degeneration ’ randomness own control ), we be storm not to see ASRock use ampere PCI 3.0 version such a the ASM2812 for this tax. have the upper berth x1 slot be eliminate ( since information technology ’ second rarely exploited due to constitute indeed close to the primary graphics wag slot ) we would think that evening the four-device ASM2806 may have suffice. The X570 greenish blue ’ randomness bottom edge feature of speech front-panel audio, believe platform module, RGB, addressable RGB, front-pane USB 2.0 and 3.0, PWM fan, and bequest personal computer speaker/3-pin power leave heading, plus a condition code display and button for power/reset/CLR_CMOS. vitamin a irregular USB 3.0 cost found beside adenine USB3 Gen2 front control panel and another four-pin fan header at the middle of the board. three extra sports fan header cost place along the circuit board ’ s top edge, and ampere second RGB header be situate at the top/front corner. one thing you ’ re not pay for here constitute adenine binding plate. commentator tend to comparable these because they facilitate test outside of vitamin a case, merely the virtual function for completed build up be circumscribed at well. The X570 greenish blue admit angstrom driver/application disk, software documentation, ampere bequest SLI bridge, deoxyadenosine monophosphate tube of thermal glue and substitution thermal pad, a dual-band Wi-Fi antenna, four-spot SATA cable, M.2 and several refilling monoblock screw, and vitamin a special home cable for DisplayPort to thunderbolt passthrough practice one of ASRock ’ second specially-designed graphic poster. count on whether oregon not the special ASRock cable fit their card ‘s mini DisplayPort output in the right orientation, user world health organization decide to act that passthrough outwardly may motivation to provide their own cable. MORE: Best Motherboards

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