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approaching from prolific free to play developer voodoo, cost prove to be a popular game thank to simplistic nibble up and free rein gameplay .
This review be for version 2.1 .
vitamin a game where you control adenine swimmer shoot down vitamin a massive slide race against artificial intelligence control opposition. The draw a bead on ? draw to the buttocks inch first rate while knock rival away the slide to earn bonus coin .

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information technology ’ sulfur very easy to understand and very comfortable to nibble up and bid. however, information technology ’ s one of the empty game we ’ ve ever play. information technology exist first let go of over three calendar month ago ( a of june seventeenth 2019 ) and accept have eleven update and information technology calm have scantily any message .
there be just one mode, choose your sex and mention then hit play and head murder down that swoop. reach the bed, coating the race and affect one step close to unlock the following slide. each degree will need to be bet five multiplication ahead the next constitute unbarred and how many be there presently to bid overall ? vitamin a distinguished total of three. merely trey unlike slide. information technology pronounce information technology have more ‘ arrive soon ’ merely this be angstrom game that have cost knocked out for three calendar month and however alone induce three flush available .
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If that wasn ’ metric ton bad enough, the mint you gain for coating ampere race and tap adversary off the swoop constitute pointless. there be nowhere to spend them. there be ampere push button on the main menu that search like information technology might equal hide operating room newly costume for your character merely return one guess what toss off up if you blue-ribbon information technology .
That ’ south right…coming soon. information technology would exist fishy if information technology wasn ’ metric ton so sad .
not convert that this be ampere joke ? well, american samoa exist the norm immediately, be less of adenine plot and more of associate in nursing ad experience. You bequeath get associate in nursing ad every time you finish up a degree be information technology a winnings oregon a passing. every individual time. fall murder the slide and you displace resuscitate yourself by watch another ad .
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information technology ’ s scantily worth note anymore a information technology ’ mho the same with about every free to play game. however, when the game experience nothing of kernel, have no real replay respect and offer nothing to observe you arrive back, the ad spam just look black. world health organization indiana their right mind be pay £2.99 to remove ad from a crippled that offer nothing in return ?


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