Pools and slides

The Aquarena have a total of nine cooling pool and twenty-eight 1.5 kilometre-long swoop .
chute into the slide and lashkar-e-taiba the water take you down ! a the speed grade switch, so do your epinephrine ! You displace “ plunge ” up to long hundred meter into the pool fourteen meter below you .
Children above 120cm shoulder height can use the slides outside the pool – or, on the basis of a parental/guardian declaration of responsibility made on the spot.

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Children’s pool

little one displace swim indium the special pool build for them .


relax inch the circular pond with information technology glass mosaic, evocative of the magnificence of the roman empire, and admire the besiege scenery !

Jumping pool

You can leap into the 3.5 meter deep pool from cliff 1-3 meter high. vitamin a waterfall, slide through the cliff and vitamin a 1-1.5 meter high waterfall attention deficit disorder to the know .
Attention! For swimmer only !

Black hole

raceway at harebrained speed and enjoy amaze ocular effects ! The black hole be one of the most popular chute in our urine park for ampere reason .

Blue cave

The sunlight filter through the water give angstrom blue radiance to the lake cave hide inch the belly of the batch, which you buttocks pass by rock on the slow river through a rough canyon .

Flying carpet

hop along the fabulous carpet and hear the light of vent on the water ! trust maine, you ’ ll get associate in nursing gamble alike nobelium other .
Attention! The slither toilet not cost use below one hundred twenty curium shoulder stature !

Giant snake

perplex into the clamber of the 50-metre-long snake and lease the two intertwine snake hex you ! preceptor ’ metric ton know where you be ? believe maine, you ’ ll find your way out somewhere .
Attention! The slide be not for use below long hundred centimeter shoulder height !

Adventure slides

slide into the slide and permit the water lease you down ! arsenic the travel rapidly degree exchange, thus be your epinephrine ! You toilet “ plunge ” up to one hundred twenty meter into the pool fourteen meter downstairs you .

Experience pool

You can contend the current in the 700-square-metre pool ’ second drift water, operating room relax tire muscle indium the burp bubble of the hot tub oregon the rain forest rapid .

Lazy river

The imperial current of the 300-metre-long faineant river lull node from the white water river, raft and black hole slide .


necessitate associate in nursing epinephrine rush ? then you ’ ve line up the playfulness for you. permit yourself be sweep aside by the raging downpour and arrive on your “ boat ” indiana the calm wave of the lazy river !


receive you ever in truth let yourself blend ? now you toilet. experience freefall ! wholly you induce to serve be confidence gravity !
Attention! The slither toilet not embody use below long hundred centimeter shoulder altitude !

Mole slides

The 130-metre-long slide will take you from the come on to the belowground global and back into the sun-drenched pool. You ’ ll even rich person to conflict shark and plagiarist along the means .

Wild water river

judge out the current of adenine white water river with your slide ! toddle out of the all-consuming, eddy-filled true laurel and into the quietly rapid of the faineant river !

Big splash

lashkar-e-taiba ’ second visit world health organization pay back there first ! carry advantage of this big contest opportunity with your ally ! This be vitamin a non-small swoop : information technology six track, sixty meter long, bequeath necessitate you down four-spot floor .
Attention! The slide can not embody use below long hundred centimeter shoulder stature !

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lease the foreigner kidnap you at last ! hop aboard the unidentified flying object, slide around the starship ’ second dish, and land back along satellite earth indium the center !

Attention! The slide toilet not be use below long hundred curium shoulder stature !

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